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About Wallara

Wallara is an innovative, sector leading support service for adults with different abilities. Based in Melbourne’s south-east suburbs, we support over 500 people across 30 sites by providing day services, Support2Go and explore the community, supported accommodation, part time and full time employment, and training and workplace opportunities. We are committed to the areas of work and education, and seek to drive social change through innovative partnerships that create opportunities for our clients to grow, explore and work. Our work programs focus on horticulture, retail, hospitality, media and logistics.

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Our Philosophy



Wallara’s mission is to empower people with different abilities to live the life they choose.

However we know one of the largest barriers to achieving mission success for our clients is public attitudes, understanding and lack of awareness and opportunity. The more we can change those attitudes and raise awareness and understanding the more opportunities our clients will have in their lives and the better will be their outcomes.

In terms of understanding disability, there are typically 3 groups in the general community. For now, let us assume these 3 groups are of similar size. One third are open to disability, one third are quite fearful of things they don’t understand and then there is the middle third that are unsure how to interact but open to learning more.

Wallara’s goal is to reach out to find this middle third and help convert them to be aware and supportive of disability. If we are successful with this goal we will have materially changed society and created more opportunities for our clients to take their place in the community.

This commitment to reach out and engage with the general community and drive social change is the philosophy behind:

–   WallaraTV, our award winning in-house media team that has created over 150 videos and produced seven 30 minute TV Specials that have been broadcast on C31 in Melbourne and on Foxtel nationally.
–   Our partnerships with:
–   Monash University ‘Keep On Learning’;
–   Ventura Bus Lines;
–   Mainstream Schools ; and
–   the St Kilda Football Club

And it is this commitment to social change that is driving our vision for Sages Cottage farm on the Mornington Peninsula where we will this year open a café and gift shop plus officially launch a campaign for $3Million to build an Inclusive Education Center to triple our capacity to support people with different abilities to achieve their goals. It’s all part of our vision for Sages Cottage to be Australia’s Most Inclusive Farm and a showcase for inclusive tourism on the Mornington Peninsula.


Changing Language

Our support staff are called Support Coaches. This might seem a small point but Disability Support Worker is not aspirational and doesn’t do justice to the role of helping someone with different abilities achieve their full potential. We removed that title from our Service and changed it to Support Coach. We coach people to give their best, be their best and think of what is possible.


We are true to our values, as the Wallara Way of doing things, and they drive all our decision making as we work to make social change happen for people with different abilities.

The Wallara Way

  • Be creative and push the boundaries
  • Together we make a difference
  • Think client first
  • Have fun and celebrate awesomeness!
  • Do the right thing