Sages Cottage Farm is a Land for Wildlife site and part of the Landcare network with ongoing support from volunteers whose activities include weed removal, plant propagation and planting, flora and fauna surveys, habitat creation and a variety of other conservation tasks. Over 100 bird species have been identified on the property.

Self-guided tours

Any time between 8.30am-3.30pm Monday to Sunday.

Sensory lake

Go lakeside, nearly 400m of tranquil walking on an accessible pathway around the beautiful lake filled with birdlife. Stop at the sensory stations to experience taste, sight, sound, touch and smell.

Bushland walk

Get lost in the wilderness, on our bush walk through our unique setting including rare plants, including orchids indigenous to the Peninsula.

Cottage gardens

including the glorious rose garden – half an acre of beautifully manicured gardens cared for by our team of dedicated volunteers, you will see heritage listed fruit trees, the rose garden and cottage beds brimming with blooms.

Feel the calm and serene environment take over the senses when walking amongst the beautiful surroundings.